All-in-One Razor

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This razor is inspired by that moment before a big presentation when you realize you forgot to shave your underarms. Shave anywhere anytime with everything you need to touch up on-the-go. Shout out to that spot you always miss on the back of your leg but don’t notice until you’re at the party.

Each razor includes:

      • A refillable water spray bottle
      • A shea butter moisturizing bar
      • Two triple-blade razor cartridges

In case you’re wondering: cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, TSA-approved

To use: Fill the spray bottle with water. Rotate the center dial to spray, lather, and shave, in that order. For a closer shave, be generous with the moisturizing bar (it’s packed with yummy oils and shea butter!).

Smooth Shave High quality triple-blade razors + flex hinge = seriously smooth skin

Moisturizing Lubricating pre-shave strip contains chamomile, olive oil, allantoin, and propolis for silky soft skin

Time-saving "Flow-through" blade construction makes for easy cleaning on the go (whoop!)

Space-saving Purse-friendly and TSA-approved

Highlights (moisturizing bar):
Shea Butter - reduces razor irritation
Cocoa Butter - adds mega moisture
Coconut Oil - keeps skin silky smooth all day

Our moisturizing bar is not a soap. Lather it on before you shave, and rub any remaining moisturizer in your skin when you’re done!